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If you are currently experiencing a dental emergency, please give us a call on 08 9440 4455 and one of our friendly staff with assist you right away.



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 No matter how well we care for our teeth, sometimes accidents happen. Whether you wake up in the middle of the night with a tooth ache or you injure your mouth while playing sport, dental emergencies can happen at any time and it can be scary when you are uncertain about what to do.

Our team at The Dental Studio Stirling pride ourselves on our fast and efficient response to dental emergencies, ensuring that you and your family get benchmark quality dental care when you need it most.

While we are not a 24 hour emergency dentist, we are open Monday to Friday from as early as 8am to meet your urgent dental needs. Whether you are based as far north as Joondalup or as far south as Rockingham, our team of dental professionals are proud to service patients from across the Perth metropolitan community.



In any kind of emergency, the most important thing to remember is not to panic. You may not have easy access to a dentist when an emergency occurs so in the event that you are unable to get to a dentist immediately, here are a few handy tips which you might like to use in the meantime.

Tooth Aches

A tooth ache is most commonly caused by tooth decay, abscess or inflammation in the gums. This can result in mild to extreme pain and discomfort felt throughout the tooth, mouth and jaw. If you are experiencing a toothache, try using a tooth brush to help dislodge any trapped food and rinse your mouth with warm water to help soothe the soreness. You may like to take over-the-relievers such as Panadol and Nurofen to help relieve the pain. Another option is apply a cold compress to the area.

While it may be tempting to explore natural at-home remedies or fast ways to make a tooth ache go away, it is important to see your dentist as soon as possible in order to prevent any further spread of the infection or inflammation.

If you are experiencing a tooth ache, please call us on 08 9440 4455 or request an appointment to see one of our dental professionals today.

Loose or dislodged tooth

When it comes to dental emergencies, time is of the essence. Sometimes, a tooth can become dislodged so it is important that it is looked at by a dental professional as soon as possible if it is to be saved.

If your tooth has become loose, do not try to remove it from its socket. Instead give us a call on 08 9440 4455 so that we can examine the tooth as soon as possible. If the tooth has become completely dislodged, try to keep it inside your mouth or if that is not possible, gently hold the tooth by the crown (do not touch the root) and do not rinse under running water. Try to place the tooth back into its socket and hold it there by placing some firm pressure. If you are unable to do this, then store the tooth in a shallow glass of milk and bring it with you to your appointment.

If your tooth has become dislodged, please give us a call on 08 9440 4455 and one of our friendly staff with assist you right away.

Lost filling or crown

Although not always immediately painful, a lost filling or crown can cause some serious damage to the tooth if not promptly addressed. If you lose your filling, you will need to protect the area as best as you can before you see a dentist. You can do this by placing a sugarless gum on the tooth in place of the filling or dental cement which you can purchase over-the-counter at your local chemist.

If your crown has become completely dislodged, try placing the crown back into its position on the tooth and secure it with a special dental adhesive (available at your local chemist) or toothpaste. When you eat, make sure you take out the crown so that you do not swallow it.

If you have lost a crown or filling, please give us a call 08 9440 4455 or request an appointment with one of our dental professionals as soon as possible, and don’t forget to bring your crown or filling with you to your appointment.

Wisdom teeth removal

Depending on the size of your jaw and the way your wisdom teeth come through, you may never experience any pain or discomfort with your wisdom teeth. However, if your wisdom tooth comes through on an angle (also known as impacted) saliva, bacteria and food can build up around it, causing tooth decay.

When this is not removed, it can lead to infection and inflammation not just around the wisdom tooth but its neighbouring teeth as well. This can result in wisdom teeth removal or root canal treatment.


In any kind of dental emergency, helping you is our first priority. As a member of the Independent Dentist Network, we accept all health funds to help reduce your out-of-pocket expenses and to make your treatment as low cost as possible. For those seeking immediate treatment without dental insurance, please give us a call on 08 9440 4455 to discuss your payment plan options.


If you’re ready to experience The Dental Studio Stirling difference, please give us a call on 08 9440 4455 or request an appointment to meet with one of our friendly dental professionals today.