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A word to the wise on wisdom teeth removal

Also known as the third molars, wisdom teeth usually come through during your late teens and early adulthood. As they tend to be the last permanent teeth to come through, there is often not enough room left to accommodate them. This can result in the teeth becoming...

Mind the gap – the ins and outs of missing teeth

Although it may not bother you, it is important to consider the consequences of ignoring a missing tooth or teeth for an extended period of time. Not only will the skin around the missing tooth become affected, causing it to sag and making you appear older than you...

Snoring: Is it really a problem worth loosing sleep over?

While snoring is certainly common – in fact, a combined 34% of Australian men and women are believed to suffer from some type of snoring issue 1– it does not mean that it is ‘normal’ and certainly not something that should be ignored. When we sleep our body is able to...


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